Corbridge Matters April 2020

By: Ian Wylie | March 21, 2020

Message from the Editor of Corbridge Matters Ian Wylie:

The new April edition of official local community magazine Corbridge Matters – distributed free across Corbridge – can be read online via the link at the bottom of this page. Corbridge Matters is published six times a year – every other month. With a delay of a number of weeks from finalising the content to it being read. Allowing for the time it takes to print and then the time it takes to distribute.

In the days before the presses rolled to produce this issue it was clear our world was about to change. Even though, at that stage, all of the items listed in the magazine were still due to take place. But with UK – and world – events moving very quickly, it seemed wise to place a ‘Coronavirus’ message on the front cover.

Followed by my ‘Message from the editor’ on Pg 8’s Notice Board written just before the edition went to the printer. Including a web link to the subsequently updated Corbridge Coronavirus Community Support page online which is now ‘live’ here.

That front cover warning has, of course, proved necessary in fast moving times. With all of the events, meetings and groups listed in the April issue now postponed or cancelled, including public acts of worship. Although, I hope, there is still plenty of content to read.

In decades ahead, some curious historian may come to regard the April 2020 issue of Corbridge Matters as a collector’s item. Capturing a snapshot in time of a Northumberland community on the verge of major changes to its way of life.

I would like to thank designer Peter Rodger for his usual skill and attention, Robson Print for ensuring the issue was printed and delivered as soon as possible. And, not least, our volunteer delivery team who have been distributing copies across Corbridge in record time, wearing disposable plastic gloves or other gloves. The copies having already been sorted and packed by a small team of three people taking the same precautions.

If you live in Corbridge and, for some reason, have not received the edition, copies are available free of charge – while stocks last – on the counter of the SPAR shop at the petrol garage in Main Street. Other outlets have, of course, now closed.

Inserted inside each copy of the magazine was a freshly printed postcard-sized card giving information about Corbridge Coronavirus Community Support, including a Help Line telephone number for those not online.

(Note: If you need help and are able to make contact via the online link listed below please do so rather than using the Help Line aimed at those not online)

Also see the @CorbridgeCommunity page on Facebook for daily updates and information on the current situation. This is the official Facebook page for Corbridge during this Coronavirus pandemic.

There has already been a wonderful response from a large number of people in Corbridge offering to help others. Along with others asking for help.

Those major changes to our way of life are now a reality. But do not worry. There is plenty of support and help available in our remarkable, tight-knit community.

All things must pass and we will get through this.


Click / tap below to read a PDF copy of the April edition. Or better still use the ‘Download’ button to save the file and read it across two pages as you would with the hard copy edition.

Online link to Corbridge Coronavirus Community Support:

The postcard-sized insert inside Corbridge Matters: