The Corbridge Community

By: Ian Wylie | March 16, 2020

Monday March 16: A message for the Corbridge community:

Corbridge community leaders are in discussions about how best to help others – and ourselves – in the coming weeks and months. Official government and NHS Coronavirus advice is being regularly updated in a rapidly changing situation and that information is readily available via TV, radio and other media, including online.

The ‘Corbridge Community’ does not aim to repeat evolving information you are already hearing or reading on a daily basis from the government. It is focused on sharing information about helping our neighbours and others in our tight-knit community. Including picking up shopping for those in self isolation and other groups now advised by the government to “shield” themselves for around 12 weeks or perhaps longer from this coming weekend.

Along with a focus on what is happening in Corbridge itself in terms of daily life.

Updates will be posted on this page. But please also follow ‘Corbridge Community’ / @corbridgecommunity on Facebook where we can all exchange information and offer help. This Facebook account is the new official page for the Corbridge Community and has been set up with the support of other local social media outlets to be the official community focus for Corbridge as we face the Coronavirus outbreak.

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