Forum Books Presents Lizzie Ostrom

Venue: The Duck House, Princes Street, Corbridge

‘Signature scents and now-lost masterpieces… Every perfume has a tale to tell.’

Lizzie Ostrom (aka Odette Toilette) is coming to Corbridge, and she will be taking us on a journey through the decades with her new book, Perfume: A Century of Scents.

The book tells the incredible stories of 100 perfumes in all their fragrant glory – with ten lovingly chosen scents for each decade of the twentieth century. From the1900’s through to the ‘Roaring Twenties’, ‘Elegant Fifties’, ‘The Spangly Seventies’ and beyond, Perfume is a guide to the World of Scent, the visionaries who conceived them and the women and men who wore them.

Held at The Duck House, Corbridge, on Tuesday 1st December, from 7pm, Lizzie will show us first hand why she’s been named the ‘Heston Blumenthal of Perfumes’.

For ticket bookings, call Helen at Forum Books on 01434 632931 or pop into Forum Books, 8 Market Place, Corbridge, NE45 5AW                                 Aseries of headshots and corporate/press shots for Odette Toilette, shot by NegativeSpace