Forum Books Presents Edoardo Albert & Paul Gething

Venue: The Chapel, Market Place, Corbridge, NE45 5AW

1400 years
206 bones
1 Extraordinary Story…

At the centre of WARRIOR is a skeleton uncovered in an Anglo-Saxon graveyard in Northumberland by Paul Gething, the lead archaeologist on the renowned Bamburgh Castle dig. Historian Edoardo Albert brings the story of these bones to life, telling the explosive true tale of this nameless warrior and the bloody life he led.

WARRIOR is the story of a violent time when Britain was defining itself in waves of religious fervour, scattered tribal expansion and terrible bloodshed; it is the story of the fighting class, defined in life and death by their experiences on the killing field; it is an intricate and riveting narrative of survival and adaptation set in the stunning political and physical landscapes of medieval England.

For fans of Time Team and the Detectorists, and anyone with an appetite for stories of the British past, of how we came to be, and who we really are; WARRIOR is a landmark of popular archaeology, local history, and a must-read for anyone interested in the story of where we’ve come from.

We are thrilled to be joined by both Edoardo Albert & Paul Gething to talk us through their remarkable new book, WARRIOR, Thursday 26th September, here at Forum Books, The Chapel, Corbridge.

Doors will be open from 6.30pm for a 7pm start. Tickets are available now at £5.00 which includes a welcome drink on arrival.

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