St Andrew’s Church

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St. Andrew’s is open every day. Visitors and local people alike are encouraged to use it as a quiet space, literally, at the centre of the village. There is opportunity to light candles, place prayer requests on the Prayer Tree, to sit quietly in our Chapel of Remembrance or in The Lady Chapel or just to come and ‘be’.

St. Andrew’s Church is part of the historic village of Corbridge and many visitors come here each year. However St. Andrew’s is also a church of the twenty first century with a vibrant ministry at the heart of this community. You will be able to access details of our services and events, as well as our historical story, on the church website.

As a church for the community we pride ourselves in offering a variety of worship which includes Parish Communion, BCP Evensong, Informal Family Worship and Messy Church.

We are also very clear that there is a welcome for everyone here, no matter what their story, background, marital status, gender, nationality or sexual orientation. We are an inclusive church.

We have a variety of Christian experience and tradition represented in our congregations. This we value, as potentially, we are all enriched by the insights of others. If we were forced to label ourselves we would call ourselves ‘Liberal Catholic’ – with probably more emphasis on the ‘liberal’ than on the ‘catholic’!

People worship here who are at differing stages of their faith journeys. Some are coming to see what it’s all about – watching and seeking; others have recently embraced faith and are keen to grow in discipleship; there are many who have been faithful worshippers for many, many years; all are welcome to journey with us in whatever way they find appropriate and life-giving.

You are very welcome to visit. We hope you find St. Andrew ‘s a place of blessing and inspiration as you journey with God and towards God.


St. Andrew’s

8.00am         Holy Communion (BCP)      Third Sunday

9.30am         Parish Communion (CW)    Every Sunday

6.00am         Evening Prayer/ Holy Communion/ Evensong

St. Oswald’s Halton

9.15am          Holy Communion (BCP)      First Sunday of the month

Please consult weekly bulletin for more details.

Vicar: Canon David J Kennedy –

Churchwarden: Mike Collins –

Churchwarden: Linda Hunter –