Forum Books Kids! Presents A Knight’s Quest

Venue: Forum Books kids! 20a Watling Street, Corbridge NE45 5AH

If you had to fight a dragon, what would you do?

Dragon-slayer strategy meetings for young knights and warrior heroines at Forum Books Kids! on St George’s day, Saturday 23rd April, 10.30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

A.L. Williams, local dragon chronicler and author of Knights’ Quest, will reveal the startling tale of how a skateboarding hero from Hexham takes on a fearsome fire-breathing dragon! Are the legends of local dragons true? Will you ever be able to sleep at night again?

Enter the design a dragon competition on the day at the story telling sessions. The prize for the best drawing of a ferocious dragon is a book from Forum Books Kids!

Not for the faint-hearted! Very dangerous! Bravery is not enough! You have been warned!

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