Police Office in Corbridge

Northumbria Police no longer have a police station in Corbridge but now have an office within Corbridge Middle School on Cow Lane which gives Police a base in the heart of the community. Officers on the East Tynedale Neighbourhood Policing Team; PC Phil Oliver 8020 and his colleague PCSO 4443 Laura McCann are the appointed neghbourhood officers for Corbridge and the surrounding area.


The team can be contacted by email at northernprudhoenptmailbox@northumbria.pnn.police.uk  or philip.oliver.8020@northumbria.pnn.police.uk.


Of course, in any emergency or other immediate requirement for police, ring 999 or 101 as appropriate.


Northumbria Police don’t operate a public enquiry desk in Corbridge (the nearest being their bases in Prudhoe or Hexham). When the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions are concluded they will establish regular drop-in sessions within the village so as to allow residents to speak to them directly. These will likely be held in the Library on Hill Street and full details will be shared widely in Corbridge.