Chrysalis at Tynedale

So, you or someone you care about has memory problems or dementia? There are lots of us in Tynedale, and we still have our interests, our creativity and the ability to enjoy ourselves. To make the best of what we can do, we’ve teamed up with our families, friends and professionals to form a club covering the Corbridge and Hexham area

We’re not funded by statutory services, so we have the freedom to do the things we love with just the right amount of support from trained volunteers, giving family and friends the chance to join in or to get some time to themselves for a few hours.

If you’re an active person with memory problems or dementia, if you care for someone with memory problems or dementia, or if you would just like to help, we’d love you to join us – you’re very welcome!

Our activities include singing, art, pottery, indoor gardening, indoor and outdoor golf, dancing and lots of socialising. Click or tap here for more information about what we do.

If someone you care about has memory problems, you’re welcome to come along to our monthly family members’ support group. It’s a chance to talk about your own experiences and feelings, or just listen to those of people in a similar situation. It can be a big help. Sessions are on the first Wednesday of every month in the afternoon, while one of our activities is running, so the person you care for can be enjoying themselves at the same time.

Chrysalis member: “Whatever else happens, you don’t seem to lose your creativity, and Chrysalis is a great outlet for that.”

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