Northern Powergrid Works

Here is the latest upgrade from Northern Powergrid on works to upgrade power lines in Corbridge this summer :-

I would like to keep you informed of the on-going works within Corbridge area for your parish newsletter. I am pleased to confirm that phase 1: Aydon Road, Phase 2: Appletree Lane and Phase 3:Windsor Terrace network Improvements to convert open wire electricity lines to new AERIAL Bundled Cable have been completed on 22/05/2018, 24/05/2018, 23/05/2018 respectively.

Below are the upcoming dates for the next phases of improvements.

Phase 4: Orchard Vale Lane – 1 single span of Network – 30/05/2018
Phase 5: Orchard Vale Lane – 2 X Low Voltage wooden electricity pole replacements – 31/05/2018
Phase 6: St Wilfreds Road – 3 x span of network – 13/06/2018
Phase 7: Watling Street – 3 x span of network outside of Wheatsheaf Hotel (Parking bay suspension in place) 12/07/2018
Phase 7.1: Watling street road crossing to Orchard vale lane – Night works from 11pm onwards – 2 way traffic light system in place – 12/07/2018
Phase 8: St Helens Street – 2 x span of network (Road closure in place at the entrance to st Helens street, One way system to be converted to 2 way for the day to allow residents of the street to access at other end, parking suspension in place) – 17/07/2018
Phase 9: St Helens Place – 2 x span of Network (parking suspension in place) – 18/07/2018
Phase 10: St Helens Place – 2 x span of network (outside parish hall, parking suspension in place) – 19/07/2018
Phase 11: Greencroft Avenue leading onto Appletree lane – Undergrounding of overhead network and removal of open wire network in Gardens – TBC

All dates are subject to council street works approval and are subject to change at any point but I cannot foresee any changes in the booked dates.

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