Diagonal Alternatives

0191 4670007

Diagonal Alternatives is a different type of agency supporting people with long term conditions including dementia, stroke, autism, MND, MS, post op surgery and many other conditions to maximise your potential and support you to live well. We don’t put targets and cost-cutting first – we put you first. That means we work with you and your family to:

·        Help you decide exactly what you need in order to live independently at home and to improve wellbeing and avoid crisis

·        Tell you about all of your options in terms of care, aids, and assistive technology

·        Provide you with a small team of support workers who are well trained in your needs and preferences

·        Our small team of support workers will provide consistency and reliability for you and your family.

·        Provide  End of Life Care at home

·        We have qualified independent advocates, who support clients to access the services they require ensuring their voices are heard and promoting choice and control in their lives.

There is an alternative to what is out there today!

Call Bob on 0191 4670007 for a free, no obligation consultation.
The management team is: Bob Nelson (Senior Partner), a qualified nurse in General, Psychiatry, District Nursing and an MSc in Dementia Studies at Stirling University. Maria Hall is the Managing Director and holds a Degree in Social Care. We have developed a strong person-centred ethos for the company alongside highly trained staff teams.

We offer advice especially following diagnosis to support people through the ‘care maze’ and the complexities of getting the right support for you.

Office open from 9am – 5pm but the service can run 24/7.